What do Germans say when they're annoyed? (2024)

What do Germans say when they're annoyed?

– “Ich bin genervt!” – “I am annoyed!” – “Die laute Musik ärgert mich!”- “The loud music is bothering me.” – “Ich bin leicht verärgert/genervt.” – “I am easily annoyed.” – “Lass dich nicht verärgern!” – “Don't let yourself be annoyed.”

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How do Germans express frustration?

In German, some phrases that may sound angry or intense include "Was ist los mit dir?" (What's wrong with you?), "Lass mich in Ruhe!" (Leave me alone!), and "Das reicht mir jetzt!" (That's enough for me now!).

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What do you say when mad in German?

  • Was auch immer. (e) Whatever.
  • Es geht dich nichts an. (s) It's none of your business.
  • Ich bin verärgert. (s) I'm upset.
  • Du hörst mir einfach nicht zu. (s) You're not listening to me.
  • Pass auf was du sagst. (s) Watch your mouth.
  • Es reicht. (s) That's enough.
  • Hör auf. (e) Stop it.
  • Hör auf damit. (e) Cut it out.

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What is the German idiom for annoying?

Believe it or not, this German expression has nothing to do with cookies (sadly). In fact, it is used to express that someone is getting on our nerves. You will most commonly hear someone yelling “Du gehst mir auf den Keks!” – which means that they are getting thoroughly annoyed by someone.

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How do you express displeasure in German?

Annoyed to Outraged: 15 Fiery German Words and Phrases for Those Angry Days
  1. Quatsch!
  2. Schleich dich!
  3. Hau ab!
  4. Ich bin sauer.
  5. Ich bin wütend.
  6. Halt deinen Mund.
  7. Geh mir aus den Augen!
  8. Leck mich!
Nov 1, 2023

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How to get a German mad?

Here, then, are some surefire ways to upset a German person, should you need to….
  1. Cross at a red light (with small children) ...
  2. Stare back at them using binoculars. ...
  3. Use fancy English words they don't understand. ...
  4. Urinate standing up. ...
  5. Say you don't like asparagus, especially if it's white. ...
  6. Recycle erroneously.
Jan 16, 2012

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What does Achtung Lieber mean?

"Achtung Liebe" sounds like it should be "Ach du liebe...!" which is a very common phrase. It means roughly "Oh you dear...!" and is a slightly old-fashioned way of expressing surprise or mild irritation (think Charlie Brown saying "Good grief").

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What is considered rude in German?

It is rude to chew gum or keep one's hands in one's pockets whilst talking with someone. Cross your legs by putting one knee over the other. It is impolite to rest your feet on furniture. Tight punctuality (Pünktlichkeit) is expected in most professional and social situations.

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What is the hardest thing to say in German?

If you're ready, let's dive into some of the hardest German words to pronounce.
  • Rührei (Scrambled eggs) ...
  • Arbeitslosigkeitsversicherung (Unemployment insurance) ...
  • Röntgen (X-ray) ...
  • Quietscheentchen (Rubber duck) ...
  • Tschechien (Czechia) ...
  • Kreuzschlitzschraubenzieher (Screwdriver) ...
  • Schlittschuhlaufen (Ice skating)

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Is Dummkopf an insult?

Dummkopf is a mild insult that translates to “idiot” or “stupidhead.” While it's not the most offensive word on this list, it's still considered impolite and should be avoided.

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How do you say crazy in German slang?

The main word, which literally translates to something like “shifted out of place”, is verrückt. A close second is wahnsinnig. In common usage, the former is used to describe something very unusual and the latter to refer to something extremely large or intensive.

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What is a popular German phrase?

Just like in English, there are plenty of ways to say hello in German, the most common of which are Hallo (“hello”) and Guten Tag (“good day”). Bitte (“please”), danke (“thank you”), and bitteschön/gern geschehen (which both mean “you're welcome”) are equally useful.

What do Germans say when they're annoyed? (2024)
Why do Germans say bitte so much?

Bitte. But the German word bitte means so much more than “please” or “you're welcome.” It's a go-to word that can also mean “pardon” or be used as a word of approval, like “go ahead” in English.

What are the negative phrases in German?

Affirmative sentencesNegative sentences
Ich liebe dich.Ich liebe dich nicht.
I love youI don't love you.
Mein Mann kocht gut.Mein Mann kocht nicht gut.
My husband cooks well.My husband does not cook well.
2 more rows

How do you shush someone in German?

Probably the most inoffensive is “Sei still”. Other examples that fall in between are: Halt den Rand; Halt den Schnabel; Halt die Gosche; Halt die Klappe; Klappe, Du!

What is the most aggressive German phrase?

Leck mich am Arsch!

This phrase is considered one of the most offensive things you can say in German.

Why is German so aggressive sounding?

One reason is the difference in intonation and phonetics between the two languages. German often uses harsher consonant sounds and has a more staccato rhythm compared to English, which can give the impression of intensity or assertiveness.

How to flirt with a German?

The love language that Germans best understand — at least early on in the game — is intellectual conversation, not smarmy pickup lines and handsy body language. Ideally, you'll want to keep the conversation stimulating and avoid dull small talk.

What does auf gehts mean?

Auf geht's! Off we go! Let's roll! "Und auf geht's!"

What does putzi mean in German?

Putzi. (das) baby [österr.] (das) baby [österr.], a dog name.

What does Digga mean in German?

In practice Dicker/Digga is just "bro" and applies to guys of all body types alike. In a similar vein, Alter can be used to mean "bro", and applies to guys of all ages, not only old men.

Is a thumbs up offensive in Germany?

Body Language

Germans may appear reserved and unfriendly until you get to know them better. Never put your hands in your pockets when talking with someone. "Thumbs up" gesture means "one" or is a sign of appreciation or agreement.

Is it rude to burp in Germany?

In Germany, burping is considered a sign of a healthy digestive system. In some parts of Germany, people would consider rude not to burp after a good meal. And some people make a proper sport of it in Germany.

What is taboo in German culture?

Feeding animals indiscriminately. “Rubber-time” Taking pictures and getting close to strange children. Washing the car yourself indiscriminately.

What is the most famous German swear word?

Scheiße. One of the most common bad words in German, scheiße, has several creative constructions that mirror the English use of “sh*t.” Oh Scheiße!

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