The Truth About Billionaire Bank Accounts: Where’s the Money? (2024)

The Truth About Billionaire Bank Accounts: Where’s the Money? (3)

Most people tend to imagine billionaires with enormous piles of cash, sitting pretty in their checking or savings accounts at the local branch.

Would it surprise you to learn that this isn’t quite accurate?

I’ve worked in Wealth Management serving people worth 8, 9 and 10 figures for many years, and based on my experience, I can tell you in reality, when a billionaire stores $50 million in their bank account that’s already a lot.

And hey, that may only represent a mere 5% of their overall wealth.

The fact is, the ultra-wealthy don’t let their hard earned cash chill and take a break.

They make sure their assets are working their assets off for them!

What most people don’t realize is that billionaires’ wealth is usually tied up in a variety of assets.

Some of the most common asset types include:

  1. Their own businesses: Whether it’s a privately held start-up or a mammoth, publicly-traded corporation, owning a business provides potential for high returns on investment.
  2. Real estate: From commercial properties to sprawling mansions, real estate holdings can provide steady income as well as appreciating value. It also makes for well collateralized credit lines at many banks!
  3. Alternative long-term investments: Billionaires often hold stakes in other companies or industries as part of their investment strategy. Additionally, they may invest in tangible assets such as art or collectibles that might not be easily liquidated.

The rational approach to money for the wealthy is often referred to as “wealth allocation.”

The Truth About Billionaire Bank Accounts: Where’s the Money? (2024)


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