How Much Does It Cost to Fax at FedEx Kinkos? | FaxBurner (2024)

How Much Does It Cost to Fax at FedEx Kinkos? | FaxBurner (1)

While sending and receiving faxes is a popular (and often essential) way to communicate documents, most offices and homes have permanently unplugged their fax machines in favor of more modern fax alternatives.

Like FaxBurner, for example. Our service is probably the easiest, quickest, and cheapest way to send and receive fax documents these days, without the need for a connected landline ‘machine,’ expensive ink toner, and regular maintenance.

If you prefer not to use a modern faxing service (despite the many advantages that service holds) and want to use a physical machine, you might find your options quite limited.

However, there are two places in particular that offer fax services on location: the library and FedEx Kinkos. If you need to send a fax and would like to do so with a traditional machine, you can pop into any (or at least most) libraries or FedEx stores and pay to use their service.

What Does It Cost?

There is some ambiguity about pricing, though. Libraries don’t usually advertise their fax services, and neither do FedEx Kinko. There isn’t any clear, definitive information online telling you how much it costs to send a fax with either of them.

With FedEx Kinkos in particular, the prices differ from store to store. So, we have done a little digging around and have some information for you about pricing.

The price is not consistent, however. As franchises, auxiliary services (like faxing) are entirely up to the owner at FedEx Kinkos. So, we called a few random stores directly, asking how much does it cost to fax at FedEx Kinkos.

The cheapest we could find is $1.50 per fax page (local) and $2.00 per fax page (national), with $5 per fax page for international faxing. The most expensive was $2.50 local, $3 national, and $10 international (quite frankly, that’s a ludicrous fee in our opinion!)

Average Prices

Below are the ‘average’ rates to send a fax from FedEx Kinko. We called 12 stores in total. Eight of them quoted the same pricing, which is as follows:


To use the service, simply enter the store and inform the staff. Hand them the document together with the recipient’s fax number, and wait for them to use the machine.

When the fax has been transmitted, they will provide a remittance slip informing you of the outcome. If the fax has been successfully delivered – as per the remittance slip – you pay the fee. If the recipient line was out of service or constantly engaged, there would be no charge, obviously.

There are one or two stores that expect you to use the fax machine directly. While most of them prefer to handle the process themselves, some stores do have fax machines in public areas for self-use.

Self Service

So, how to use a self-service fax machine at FedEx Kinkos? There is a reasonable chance you have never operated a fax machine before, so we figured it wouldn’t hurt to offer a quick tutorial.

It isn’t complicated – just a few simple steps.

  1. Prepare Your Document:
  • Gather all pages of the document you wish to fax.
  • Ensure the pages are properly aligned and free from any folds or creases.
  1. Load the Document:
  • Open the fax machine’s tray or document feeder.
  • Place your document into the tray. If sending multiple pages, ensure they are in the correct order.
  1. Enter the Recipient’s Fax Number:
  • On the fax machine’s keypad or touchpad, punch in the recipient’s fax number. Double-check to ensure the number is correct.
  1. Send the Fax:
  • Press the ‘send’ button or the equivalent function on the machine.
  1. Wait for the Transmission:
  • Listen for the fax machine’s distinctive sounds (those screeching, beeping, whirring noises that traditional fax machines make).
  • Allow the machine a few minutes to complete the transmission.
  1. Confirmation Page:
  • Once the fax transmission is complete, the machine will print a confirmation or failure page. This will indicate whether the transmission was successful or if there were any issues.
  1. Retrieve Your Documents:
  • After the process is finished, open the tray or document feeder.
  • Don’t forget to take out your original papers and store them in a safe place.

Remember to always confirm the status/delivery of a fax when using FedEx Kinkos, especially if it’s an important document.

Obviously, an analog fax machine does not offer an online dashboard informing you of the delivery status in a clearly defined way. The only assurance you have is the basic confirmation remittance, which is printed out – so make sure you pay attention to it.

This confirmation will be your only legal recourse if you are sending sensitive legal or medical documents. Again, with no real-time dashboard to offer proof of delivery (or other statuses), this single piece of paper will be your single point of proof, so make sure you keep it.

Modern Alternative

Of course, there is a far better way.

Most of us have a smartphone or access to a desktop browser these days, which means we are all walking around with our very own virtual fax machine, our pockets, and purses.

Let’s take a quick look at how to do just that.

Using FaxBurner to Send a Fax

Simply download the FaxBurner app for iPhone (or visit FaxBurner on a desktop), upload an image of the document you want to send (or take a photo of it from your smartphone camera) and follow the on-screen instructions.

Simple. Effortless. And free, for 5 pages.

You can even have your own fax number, which lasts 24 hours. If you need a permanent number (or wish to send faxes more frequently), we have affordable plans available starting at just $12.95, allowing up to 500 inbound and outbound pages per month.

With a free plan, you can send 5 pages total and receive 25 pages per month.

That works out to just over 2 Cents per fax, which is Infinitely cheaper than using FedEx Kinkos and almost effortless, in comparison.

Wrap Up

Traditional faxing at FedEx Kinkos can be expensive and less straightforward than modern faxing. Digital alternatives like FaxBurner offer a more cost-effective, simple, and convenient way to send and receive documents in today’s digital world!

How Much Does It Cost to Fax at FedEx Kinkos? | FaxBurner (2024)


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